Drive CPG Revenue through Digitalized B2B E-Commerce Ordering

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E-commerce has been shaping buying trends for the past 20 years. But surprisingly, the global B2B e-commerce market ($6.64 trillion in 2020) is around double the size of the B2C e-commerce market ($3.67 trillion).

Enabling B2B customers to reorder products more efficiently has therefore become a key element of a manufacturer’s B2B e-commerce strategy. As too has the investment to unburden sales teams from low-value work. In a Salesforce study, ‘State of Commerce’, 63% of respondents reported that e-commerce has freed their sales teams from the logistics of order processing and allowed them to become strategic advisors.

And for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) manufacturers specifically, increasing revenue, while helping their customers to grow, through better e-commerce is a priority particularly within high frequency stores. Revenue generation is also an overriding factor for CPGs when picking an e-commerce platform.

Web or app-based reordering on smart devices is an easy way to make the ordering process leaner and more convenient for product buyers. By digitalizing the process, manual processes and ordering errors are eliminated

In this guide, we explore the three major benefits of equipping CPG product buyers with scanning‑enabled native or web apps to:

  • Increase the re-ordering efficiency, particularly in high frequency stores
  • Improve user adoption by giving buyers convenient re-ordering
  • Boost order volumes with real-time product data and information


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