Getting Ahead of Addressability: 3 Ad Campaigns to Test Now

Published by Criteo

Amidst all the talk about what the future of advertising will look like beyond 2023, one thing has become clear: The digital advertising winners will be those who can create a new, responsible approach to addressability. Addressable advertising relies on identifiers to improve the planning, engagement, measurement, and optimization of digital advertising. For example, when you can identify what stage a consumer is in their customer journey and target them with the right message on the right channel, you can improve the effectiveness of ad campaigns. To date, most addressable audiences have been built using third-party cookies as a proxy for identity.

The challenge now is to build and reach scalable, addressable audiences via other methods. There are a variety of ways to do this, including matched first-party data, universal IDs, and browser-based audiences. But for now, these each come with their challenges and open questions.

Read now for three key ad campaigns that you can effectively utilise. 

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