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Work Management for Marketers: Digital Content Creation

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Through our experience with the best brands in the world, we’ve found that the most successful organizations—and the most successful marketing leaders—treat work like a tier one asset. They understand that work impacts every aspect of the organization and is a primary driver of the digital experience. To help marketing leaders manage this critical work, we’ve identified seven distinct stages in the marketing work lifecycle and what work needs to happen in each stage. The more efficiently marketers can navigate the work in these stages, the more effective they can be overall.

In this guide, we explore the third and fourth stages of work: Align and Execute, then Review and Approve. You’ll gain insights into how to better manage the work in these stages to ensure you create great content experiences—at speed and on-brand. If you’d like to learn more about the other stages of the marketing work lifecycle or the benefits of managing work as a tier one asset, you can read our full guide now.

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